This recent headline story about Google’s Operating System (OS) is significant as Google also announced, among other things, that it will also offer a phone service. It is interesting to observe Google’s growth and evolution in the Internet, but also now to see what other creative services it will offer. As pointed out in a recent blog, Google’s purchase of Postini a couple of years ago has propelled Google into the e-Discovery arena.

OS Competition

What a fascinating development that Google will offer an OS to compete with Microsoft and linux. Microsoft’s stumble with Vista and race to deliver System 7 potentially puts Google in the middle of the every user’s desktop/laptop. Apparently Google’s OS Android is being migrated to the Asus eeePC’s and will be marketed by year’s end.

Grand Central Phone Service

Google’s purchase last year of Grand Central was interesting since Grand Central offered its customers consolidated voice mail and text messages. Google phone service system assigns new phone numbers, so if you call a Google Grand Central number all other assigned phones will ring – home, office, and cell. If you don’t answer, a voice mail will be recorded and sent to you by email. In addition to free domestic calls there will be a charge for international calls, and the service will permit 6 way conference calls. Google says there will be no advertising associated with domestic calls.

Where is Google Going?

Good question, world Internet domination or what? It seems pretty clear that Google’s evolution has been characterized by one success after another. Notwithstanding failed projects, Google successful developments have been a poster child for the creative change. But many users do not bother to appreciate that Google is built on advertising and so by using Google’s various services Google users are providing Google more information about themselves. Desktop/laptop users have a great deal of personal and business information on their systems and when Google’s OS is applied is there any wonder that Google will use the data on the computer for some commercial purposes? Consider that Gmail searches email content and provides users advertisements accordingly, so if you send an email to a friend about going to the World Series, along-side the email the recipient will get hotel and travel ads. While users know and appreciate what they are getting, many individuals fail to realize that Google uses the content of Gmails and no doubt with the Google Grand Central product also uses the content of voice mails. Users should review Google’s terms of service and understand what they are getting for free!

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