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Facebook Now Accounts for 25% of All U.S. Pageviews

Hitwise recently reported that 1 in every 4 pageviews in the US is on Facebook, and also incredible is Facebook’s claim that people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. Astonishing growth made even more amazing by realizing that the second place, and far behind Facebook, is YouTube with 6.39% of US pageviews … Continue reading this entry

IRS Scored Better Customer Satisfaction than Facebook

A new report shows that customers are not that happy with Facebook and MySpace also showed that social media was ranked lower than property & casualty insurance. Also not a surprise that airlines were lower in customer satisfaction than social media. The 2010 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) was produced in partnership with ForeSee Results … Continue reading this entry

Google & YouTube Not Liable Copyright Infringement

Viacom lost its $1 billion lawsuit against Google and YouTube for alleged copyright infringement when a judge granted summary judgment. YouTube’s defense was that it used the “safe harbor” protection of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) where YouTube would remove allegedly infringing videos after being notified, and after three offenses a poster would be … Continue reading this entry

Testimony about the Impact of Social Media on Open Government

I was honored to be asked by the Texas Senate to testify how Social Media impacts Open Government at a hearing on May 11, 2010 and you are welcome to read my Statement concerning Charge #13 for the Senate Affairs Committee: Study the Public Information (Open Records) Act and the Open Meetings Act to ensure … Continue reading this entry

Facebook - Weather Report and Lobbying Members of Congress

My good friend Kevin Campbell (CIO at Hunt Oil) told me recently that about 5 years ago he removed the TVs from his home with great protest from his kids, but they did keep 2 computers hooked up to the Internet. One evening last fall Kevin’s wife asked him to check on the pending storm … Continue reading this entry

Web 2.0 Update - 430 Members of Congress on YouTube

Web 2.0 must be for real, how else can anyone explain Members of Congress find YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, and Facebook the most effective way to communicate in 2009? Today NPR (National Public Radio) interviewed Republican strategist Mindy Finn (a partner and blogger at the political consulting firm Engage who helped Virginia Gov.-elect Bob McDonnell) said … Continue reading this entry

Facebook - Investment from Russia and Unblocked in Iran

Social networking remains headline news as Facebook got a $200 million infusion from a Russian based company while at the same time Iran changed its blocking policy and unblocked Facebook in the midst of a heated June 12th election. Both of these reports demonstrate important messages about social networking in spite of the fact that … Continue reading this entry

Watch Out- Internet 2.0 May be Around the Corner!

When DARPA started in 1962 as part of the US’s reaction to Russia launch of Sputnik in 1957 no one could have foreseen its evolution to 2009 with FaceBook, YouTube, and Google. A recent article questions whether we need a new Internet since the current hodgepodge is not designed for the future. Clearly there are … Continue reading this entry

Digital Britain by 2012?

The UK’s plan to bring broadband Internet service to every home by 2012 is a very bold plan since based on recent reports only about 68% of the UK population are currently Internet users. In the meantime about 72% of the population of the US are Internet users. However these are not exactly apples to … Continue reading this entry

Google- Finally Starts to Monetize YouTube and More

When Google purchased YouTube for $1.65B a few years ago there was in expectation that the site would be a money maker, not just a magnetic for video traffickers. Of course Google did not expect the troubled economy that we live in today nor that Viacom to file a $1B lawsuit for copyright infringement. Google’s … Continue reading this entry