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Not Just Google and Yahoo! Harvesting Webmail Contacts Lists Also the NSA

As two class actions are pending for violation of the Federal Wire Tap Act against Google and Yahoo! for harvesting contact lists, now it appears that NSA has also been harvesting “hundreds of millions of contact lists from personal e-mail and instant messaging accounts around the world, many of them belonging to Americans.” According to a … Continue reading this entry

Free Webmail May be Coming to an End as Yahoo! is Sued for Scanning eMails

In the wake of the Google class action for scanning gmail and violating the Federal Wiretap Act, a new class action suit was filed against Yahoo! for “…unlawful, wrongful, and intentional reading and/or learning of the contents.” The class action was filed by John Kevranian and Tammy Zapata on behalf of Yahoo! email users on … Continue reading this entry

Internet Jurisdiction - French Court vs. Twitter

A French Court ordered Twitter in California to identify anonymous individuals whose Tweets were anti-Semitic and racist in violation of French law, even though Twitter claims that its Terms of Service (ToS) are controlled by California law. The New York Times reported: The case revolves around the broad question of which country’s laws have jurisdiction … Continue reading this entry

How to Improve Search Results on Google

Pew Research recently reported that 92% of adults use search engines daily and comScore recently reported that 65.6% of all US searches are conducted on Google. So I thought I would pass along Hack College’s recommendations about how to “Get More Out of Google.” Here are some search pointers that may improve your use of … Continue reading this entry

Privacy Concerns if Chinese Ownership of Yahoo!

A report in the Financial Times that Alibaba might take over Yahoo! has raised privacy fears. Jack Ma’s (Alibaba founder & former Google employee) recent comment about the prospect that Alibaba was interested in Yahoo! set off privacy group alarms as reported by the Financial Times: "Lawmakers should oppose a deal where the data of … Continue reading this entry

Protect Your Business - Update your Terms of Service (TOS) & Click Agreements

All Social Media and Internet businesses rely on TOS and Click Agreements to protect their legal rights, but few businesses take the time to make sure that the TOS and Click Agreements actually protect their business operations. I welcome you to read my eCommerce Times column entitled “Your Customers May Not Review Your ToS and … Continue reading this entry

Mashable Media Summit 2010 - News and Politics

On June 8th I attended Mashable and CNN’s conference about the intersection of digital media, news, and entertainment. Among other notable presentations was CNN’s medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Guptap’s (renowned neurosurgeon) interview of Mashable’s founder Pete Cashmore and CNN.com’s general manager KC Estenson. You can watch the video of the interview about the how CNN … Continue reading this entry

Messages on Facebook & MySpace are Protected Information

A Judge ruled that Facebook wall postings and MySpace comments may not be subpoenaed based on the 1986 Stored Communications Act which is the same statute before the US Supreme Court in Quon v. Arch Wireless. US District Judge Margaret Morrow’s May 26, 2010 37 page Order in Buckley H. Crispin v. Christian Audigier, Inc. … Continue reading this entry

Complaint Filed with the FTC Regarding "advertisers' use of digital data"

A report that a number of privacy groups filed a complaint with the FTC to investigate includes this quote “Internet ad exchanges… are basically markets for eyeballs on the Web. Advertisers bid against each other in real-time for the ability to direct a message at a single Web surfer. The trades take 50 milliseconds to … Continue reading this entry

Big Numbers! - Twitter Users send 50 Million Tweets a Day

Computerworld reported that 600 tweets are sent per second – 50 million per day which is significant for many reasons. Not the least of which is that 3 years ago Twitter handled 5,000 tweets per day! As well, in early 2009 Twitter raised $35 Million in its third round of financing with no business plan. … Continue reading this entry

Not Very Cyber Secure Headline - "More than 75,000 computer systems hacked"

After the news reports about the cyber attacks in China it’s no wonder that that more than “75,000 computer systems at nearly 2,500 companies in the United States and around the world have been hacked in what appears to be one of the largest and most sophisticated attacks by cyber criminals discovered to date.” Unfortunately … Continue reading this entry

Facebook Update - 350 Million Friends and Growing Quickly

In 3 months Facebook grew another 16.7% to 350 friends worldwide which has led Facebook to create a simpler privacy policy to allow users to control who sees “each individual piece of content you create or upload.” All the more amazing since Facebook grew 200% between August 2008 and August 2009. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s … Continue reading this entry

Update on Search Engines - Google and Bing Grow, Yahoo! Declines

No major changes in the war over search engines in past two months, first place Google grew to 65.4% (+.5%), second place Yahoo! declined to 18% (-.8%), and third place Bing (Microsoft’s newly named engine formerly “Live Search) grew to 9.9% (+.5%). Interestingly the two greatest search increases are for YouTube (+7%) and Bing (+8). … Continue reading this entry

No Surprise - Very Bad News for Webmail - Passwords Exposed for Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo!

Apparently large scale phishing attacks resulted in compromises to tens of thousands of webmail accounts, hardly a surprise. However it is pretty amazing that so many individuals fall for the phishing tricks. As a matter of fact this morning I got an email purportedly from PayPal indicating that my account had been hacked and if … Continue reading this entry

Google Update!- Estimated Value - $32B, But Also Taking Over News and Display Ad Leadership!

Watching the world economy meltdown in the past year it’s not much of a surprise that Google value increased by about 25% to number 7 in the world with an estimated value to an $32B! Other technology companies did not fare as well as reported by BusinessWeek and Interbrand:IBM increased by about 2%, Microsoft lost about 4%, … Continue reading this entry

Privacy - More Congressional Questions

The US Congress is asking more questions about consumer privacy and email collection/surveillance at a time when President Obama is highlighting cybersecurity. So when asked about consumer’s opt-out from personal data collection, Yahoo! privacy chief’s admitted that fewer than 1% opted-out and Google’s deputy general counsel didn’t even know how many users opted-out. Of course … Continue reading this entry

Internet Antitrust - US and EU

Apparently the US Justice Department is investigating anticompetitive behavior concerning among others Google, Yahoo! , and Apple since many Internet companies restrict recruiting and hiring of one another’s employees. Since anticompetitive employment agreements in the technology industry are the norm it’s particularly interesting that the Justice Department is pursuing these companies. Internet and IT companies … Continue reading this entry

SEARCH ENGINE WARS!!! - Microsoft, Yahoo! and Wolfram|Alpha vs. Google

There are reports that Microsoft’s new search engine known as Kumo is about to be released (ultimately it may be called “Bing”) which will replace “Live Search.” Apparently Microsoft leaked copies of Kumo recently and from all reviews there’s nothing too radical, but what is radical is the Wolfram|Alpha search engine which was seen on … Continue reading this entry

Google's Future - Outage, Self-Defense, and More Services

Since Google accounts for more than 63% of all Internet searches, it’s no wonder that Google’s stock fell last week when Google users had significant problems when Google’s servers were overloaded and Google services were operating at a crawl. Google claims that there were problems in 3 of their Asian data centers (out more than … Continue reading this entry

Courthouse News- Web 2.0 Mistrials - Why is Anyone Surprised?

No surprise at all that the New York Times reported that there has been a rash of mistrials because jurors are searching Google and Wikipedia about the parties, lawyers, and subject matter of the trials. As well, jurors are sending texts, emails, and Tweets (on Twitter) during trials. The traditional rules of trial require that … Continue reading this entry

Social Networking Has Never Been More Popular, but What about User Content?

Facebook claims to have more than 120 million active members and it is the 4th most trafficked site in the world. Of course there are many other popular social network sites including LinkedIn and MySpace to name a few, and only to make things more interesting a recent report indicates that more than half of … Continue reading this entry

Google and Yahoo! - Marriage Plans Cancelled...

The saga of where Yahoo! is headed took another turn when Google decided that it was not worth the federal scrutiny for Google and Yahoo! to work together. Clearly to the two largest search engines working together meant an increase in revenue for Yahoo! Microsoft a spurned suitor made it clear that it did not … Continue reading this entry