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Feds Declare that Blogs and Social Networks are Public Meetings

For purposes of dealing with web 2.0 the White House Memo released on April 7, 2010 about social media specifically states that “interactive meeting tools—including but not limited to public conference calls, webinars, blogs, discussion boards, forums, message boards, chat sessions, social networks, and online communities—to be equivalent to in-person public meetings.” The White House … Continue reading this entry

Privacy Ain't What it Used to Be

A recent report that Web 2.0 (Facebook, Twiter, MySapce, et al) continues to encourage friends to share private information at an alarming rate is hardly a surprise. Research at a number of universities demonstrates that things are probably worse than most people image. For instance, the 2009 paper entitled “Predicting Social Security numbers from public … Continue reading this entry

.00332827% of Facebook Friends Cast Governance Votes

Ted Ullyot, Facebook’s General Counsel, reported the governance vote results that 74.37% of the 665,654 cast ballots in support of the new Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Principles (Statement). The new Statement was adopted with less far than 1% even of Facebook friends casting ballots. It’s refreshing that there was a democratic vote on … Continue reading this entry

Web 2.0 Democracy- Vote on Facebook Governance before April 24, 2009

From April 16 through 23, 2009 the 200 million Facebook users have a chance to vote on their own governance, but the new governance will only be adopted if 30% of the Facebooks friends vote. This vote follows a virtual town hall meeting that allowed comments on the proposed governance terms. It seems to make … Continue reading this entry

Internet Big Bang Theory

After teaching the Law of eCommerce since 2000 I have established my own perspective of 5 Big Bangs which propelled the Internet, three of which were described in a recent blog: 1st Big Bang- Invention of the punch card for the 1890 census by Dr. Herman Holerith (which led to the IBM); 2nd Big Bang– … Continue reading this entry

Give up Texting for Lent? Is that Possible? Practical?

A report that Roman Catholic bishops in Italy are urging Italian Catholics to give up texting for lent sends a very interesting message. This suggestion is more than a no-meat Fridays, to stop communicating with texts for 5 weeks. However there’s more at play than it seems. Most Millennials communicate by text rather than phone … Continue reading this entry

Digital Britain by 2012?

The UK’s plan to bring broadband Internet service to every home by 2012 is a very bold plan since based on recent reports only about 68% of the UK population are currently Internet users. In the meantime about 72% of the population of the US are Internet users. However these are not exactly apples to … Continue reading this entry