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Myspace Confesses Failure to Abide by Privacy Laws

Myspace agreed to 20 years of US government oversight of privacy, just like Facebook did in 2011 and Google did in 2010. On May 8, 2012 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a statement about its settlement with Myspace dislosing the following mispresentations which were violations of federal privacy laws : Myspace provided advertisers with … Continue reading this entry

IRS Scored Better Customer Satisfaction than Facebook

A new report shows that customers are not that happy with Facebook and MySpace also showed that social media was ranked lower than property & casualty insurance. Also not a surprise that airlines were lower in customer satisfaction than social media. The 2010 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) was produced in partnership with ForeSee Results … Continue reading this entry

Messages on Facebook & MySpace are Protected Information

A Judge ruled that Facebook wall postings and MySpace comments may not be subpoenaed based on the 1986 Stored Communications Act which is the same statute before the US Supreme Court in Quon v. Arch Wireless. US District Judge Margaret Morrow’s May 26, 2010 37 page Order in Buckley H. Crispin v. Christian Audigier, Inc. … Continue reading this entry

Feds Declare that Blogs and Social Networks are Public Meetings

For purposes of dealing with web 2.0 the White House Memo released on April 7, 2010 about social media specifically states that “interactive meeting tools—including but not limited to public conference calls, webinars, blogs, discussion boards, forums, message boards, chat sessions, social networks, and online communities—to be equivalent to in-person public meetings.” The White House … Continue reading this entry

HEADLINE: FBI Director Warns of 'Rapidly Expanding' Cyberterrorism Threat

The Robert S. Mueller III’s (FBI Director) warning is not a surprise but how the IT community deals with these threats impact us all. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano “admitted there is an urgent need to step up efforts to protect Americans from cyber attacks.” Also Ms. Napolitano’s predecessor Michael Chertoff, former DHS secretary, under … Continue reading this entry

BIG NEWS: Google Search Engine Results Now Provides Social Network Updates

Google added two new links for “My social circle” and “My social content” that permit Social Networking searches! This blending of the most popular search engine in the US with social networking is getting more interesting since “Google is striking real-time deals with both Facebook and MySpace. Updates from public pages on Facebook will appear … Continue reading this entry

Ohio Supreme Court Rules Illegal Search and Seizure of a Cell Phone!

In a 5-4 ruling the Ohio Supreme Court now requires a search warrant to search cell phone content which the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio calls a landmark decision as this appears to be a case of first impression. The defendant’s cell phone was searched without a warrant after he was arrested on drug … Continue reading this entry

No Surprise MySpace Suicide Conviction Reversed by Trial Judge

The tragic suicide death of a 13 year old girl is still part of this terrible story, but the trial judge finally did the right thing to say that the conviction was wrong. Even in these circumstances violating terms of service should not be a crime which was at the basis of the conviction. No … Continue reading this entry

Facebook - Investment from Russia and Unblocked in Iran

Social networking remains headline news as Facebook got a $200 million infusion from a Russian based company while at the same time Iran changed its blocking policy and unblocked Facebook in the midst of a heated June 12th election. Both of these reports demonstrate important messages about social networking in spite of the fact that … Continue reading this entry

Give up Texting for Lent? Is that Possible? Practical?

A report that Roman Catholic bishops in Italy are urging Italian Catholics to give up texting for lent sends a very interesting message. This suggestion is more than a no-meat Fridays, to stop communicating with texts for 5 weeks. However there’s more at play than it seems. Most Millennials communicate by text rather than phone … Continue reading this entry

twitter - Dynamically Growing without a Business Plan

Notwithstanding all the .com failures over the past 15 years it’s unusual to see an Internet phenom change the waterfront so much as twitter. If you were otherwise not aware, twitter with a member base of about 4 million is a micro-blogging service which limits its messages to 140 characters and it just announced that … Continue reading this entry

Social Networking Has Never Been More Popular, but What about User Content?

Facebook claims to have more than 120 million active members and it is the 4th most trafficked site in the world. Of course there are many other popular social network sites including LinkedIn and MySpace to name a few, and only to make things more interesting a recent report indicates that more than half of … Continue reading this entry

Conviction in Cyberbulling, Not a Surprise but What's the Impact?

What a sad story that an email sent by Josh Evans (who did not exist) led to the suicide of Morgan Meier (a 13 year old). Actually Josh Evans’ emails were sent by Lori Drew, the mother of a former friend of Morgan, who “cyberbullied” Megan with a make-belief identity. How tragic for Morgan’s family … Continue reading this entry