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Law Enforcement Requests Report from Microsoft

World-wide law enforcement agencies requested information regarding 137,424 Microsoft and Skype accounts in 2012 based 75,378 requests for customer information. Microsoft’s General Counsel Brad Smith blogged that the Microsoft’s first Law Enforcement Report includes customer requests for:  Skype, Hotmail, Outlook.com, SkyDrive, Xbox LIVE, Microsoft Account, and Office 365. In an effort of transparency the Report … Continue reading this entry

EU Fines Microsoft $732 million for Antitrust Violation

The EU Competition Commission concluded that Microsoft failed to comply with its 2009 agreement to offer browser choices to 15 million Windows customers so rather the customers were stuck with Internet Explorer. Under the terms of the 2009 settlement agreement between the EU and Microsoft when Microsoft Windows customers bought a new version they would … Continue reading this entry

Windows President Departs Abruptly

With little fanfare and soon after the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft announced the departure of 23 year veteran Steven Sinofsky which is leading to speculation that Windows 8 may not be as successful as Microsoft hoped. Also the New York Times reported that in recent SEC filings Microsoft blamed Sinofsky for failing to comply … Continue reading this entry

Cloud Wars - Google Beats Microsoft in Federal Bid War

Google finally won a cloud war against Microsoft after years of battle and the US Department of Interior (DOI) will now deploy Google Apps for 90,000 employees instead of Microsoft Office 365. On January 3, 2011 US District Judge Susan Braden issued a temporary injunction enjoining the DOI from awarding a contract to Microsoft because … Continue reading this entry

Microsoft Purchases Skype - Facebook and Google Unlucky Suitors

VOIP is likely headed in a new direction now that Microsoft agreed to pay $8.5 billion for Skype. It was reported that Facebook and Google’s offers were in the $3 to 4 billion range, while at the same time Skype was still considering an IPO later this year. As a result of this purchase, Microsoft may … Continue reading this entry

Software Patents - US Government vs. Microsoft

The US Supreme Court will hear argument on April 18 in the patent infringement case in which Microsoft has been enjoined from selling Word with XML features.  The US Solicitor General filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court against Microsoft and endorsing the US Patent & Trademark Office who issued the 5,787,449 patent that … Continue reading this entry

Google Gets Injunction Stopping Microsoft's eMail Service

The Department of Interior (DOI) was enjoined from awarding Microsoft a contract to provide a Cloud email service following Google’s bid protest. US Judge Susan Braden issued a temporary injunction because the DOI failed to comply with federal procurement laws. Google and Microsoft both offer Cloud email services, but apparently the DOI’s Request for Quotation … Continue reading this entry

Court Grants Microsoft's Request to Ownership of Spamming Botnet Domain Names

276 domain names maliciously used by Waledac botnets were transferred to Microsoft, even though Waledac never participated in the suit. Waledac sent more than 1.5 billion daily spam messages in 2009. US District Judge Leonie Brinkema issued the Order transferring the 276 domain names which in one recent seven-day period counted 58,000 PCs attempting 14.6 … Continue reading this entry

Wow! Google TV - What a Concept!

Google demonstrated its new entertainment hub for TV with a browser which includes a joint effort with Sony, Intel and Logitech. As part of the announcement Google explained that “Google TV is a new experience made for television that combines the TV you know and love with the freedom and power of the Internet.” No … Continue reading this entry

Search Engine Update: Google grabs 71% of U.S. searches, Bing slips

No surprise that Google’s search engine continues to grow at the expense of Yahoo! and Microsoft’s Bing. Hitwise now reports April 2010: Google at 71.4%, Yahoo! down 1% to to 14.96%, Bing down 2% to 9.43%, Ask down 37% to 2.18%, and the remaining 78 search engines accounted for 2.03%. As these search engine wars … Continue reading this entry

f8 - Facebook's Play to Take Over the Entire Internet

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerman recently announced significant changes to Facebook expanding 100’s of websites with "open graph" and  “like” which may revolutionize the Internet. At the annual f8 Facebook outside developers’ conference on April 21, 2010 Zuckerman demonstrated "open graph" and how the use of “like” on hundreds of websites (including Yelp, CNN, Pandora, ESPN, and … Continue reading this entry

'Tiger Woods Is Just Like Windows 7′ said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Apparently Microsoft did not learn its lesson hiring Jerry Seinfeld to help launch Vista in the fall of 2008, now apparently Tiger Woods will be Microsoft’s spokesman for Windows 7! Is it possible that Steve Ballmer actually said???: “This guy is big – really big from what I hear, and he’s known as a great … Continue reading this entry

Google Woes in the EU Include Conviction for Executives Over Video Posting

The recent conviction of 3 Google executives in Italy for a video posted on Google which showed the bullying of a disable teenager captured many headlines. No question that the video was in poor taste and Google took the video down within 24 hours of its posting after Google got 2 complaints. The conviction of … Continue reading this entry

Baidu - China's Big Winner

With all the press about the disaster for Google in China somebody had to benefit, and it turns out the predominant search engine Baidu will be the big winner. Baidu had 63.9% and Google had about 31.3% of China’s search engine’s market before the December attacks. Ironically Baidu was started by Li Yanhong, a.k.a. Robin … Continue reading this entry

Microsoft Trying to be Smaller in the EU and Bigger in China

The EU finally concluded its antitrust case against Microsoft by allowing customers to select browsers from a variety of 12 options including Google (Chrome), Apple (Safari), Mozilla (Firefox), and Opera. Under the plan “in March Microsoft will issue an update that enables the more than 100 million European users of Windows XP, Vista and Windows … Continue reading this entry

Cyber Czar Finally

Months after declaring the importance of CyberSecurity as a national priority President Obama will name Howard Schmidt as Cyber Czar today. “Schmidt served as special adviser for cyberspace security from 2001 to 2003 and shepherded the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace, a plan that then was largely ignored. He left that job also frustrated, colleagues … Continue reading this entry

Update on Search Engines - Google and Bing Grow, Yahoo! Declines

No major changes in the war over search engines in past two months, first place Google grew to 65.4% (+.5%), second place Yahoo! declined to 18% (-.8%), and third place Bing (Microsoft’s newly named engine formerly “Live Search) grew to 9.9% (+.5%). Interestingly the two greatest search increases are for YouTube (+7%) and Bing (+8). … Continue reading this entry

Antitrust Update - Challenges for Intel, Oracle, and Microsoft

With a barrage of antitrust headlines it hard to know which one has the greatest impact on the Internet and IT community. But clearly New York’s antitrust filing against Intel in Delaware is near the top of the list. Why Delaware? Apparently NY is using the on-going Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) antitrust suit against Intel … Continue reading this entry

Google Update!- Estimated Value - $32B, But Also Taking Over News and Display Ad Leadership!

Watching the world economy meltdown in the past year it’s not much of a surprise that Google value increased by about 25% to number 7 in the world with an estimated value to an $32B! Other technology companies did not fare as well as reported by BusinessWeek and Interbrand:IBM increased by about 2%, Microsoft lost about 4%, … Continue reading this entry

Google's Book Settlement Has Many Critics in the US and EU

No surprise that dozens of filings were made in opposition to the proposed settlement of the lawsuit between the Google and the Authors Guild and Association of American Publishers which was filed in “2005 by the authors and publishers against Google over its plan to digitize millions of books from libraries without authorization from rights … Continue reading this entry

Holy Smokes What at Headline- Judge Order Microsoft to stop selling Word!

A permanent injunction was entered based on Microsoft’s patent infringement that prohibits the sale of Word products for certain custom XML codes! Also US District Judge Leonard Davis (Eastern District of Texas in Tyler) ordered Microsoft to pay $40 million for willful infringement and $37 million in prejudgment interest. This injunction and award of willful … Continue reading this entry

Google - Competing with Microsoft Apps and Using Wikipedia as a News Service

Google is always making news, but the report that the Google Apps have new features to compete with Microsoft Office is interesting as more users rely on free Google Apps. It’s hard to fathom that Wikipedia could be used as a news source, but Google is trying that out since so many users rely on … Continue reading this entry

SEARCH ENGINE WARS!!! - Microsoft, Yahoo! and Wolfram|Alpha vs. Google

There are reports that Microsoft’s new search engine known as Kumo is about to be released (ultimately it may be called “Bing”) which will replace “Live Search.” Apparently Microsoft leaked copies of Kumo recently and from all reviews there’s nothing too radical, but what is radical is the Wolfram|Alpha search engine which was seen on … Continue reading this entry

Google's Future - Outage, Self-Defense, and More Services

Since Google accounts for more than 63% of all Internet searches, it’s no wonder that Google’s stock fell last week when Google users had significant problems when Google’s servers were overloaded and Google services were operating at a crawl. Google claims that there were problems in 3 of their Asian data centers (out more than … Continue reading this entry