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LinkedIn Sued for Harvesting eMail Addresses

A class action was filed alleging that LinkedIn’s advertising revenues are based on “LinkedIn’s practice of breaking into its users’ third party email account, downloading email address…without consent,…and indefinitely stores email addresses…” Perkins et al v. LinkedIn was filed on September 17, 2013 in US District Court for the Northern District of California states that: … Continue reading this entry

50% of Wealthy Find Connections with Social Media

LinkedIn reports that the wealthiest investors have adopted Social Media regularly with about 50% using LinkedIn, and “72% use Facebook and 27% use Twitter.” Forrester Research describes about “40 million” individual investors as Mass Affluent who have assets of $100,000 to $1 million excluding the value of their homes and these “Mass Affluent use social … Continue reading this entry

Court Rules that Ex-Employee Keeps LinkedIn Content and Contacts

Ownership of Social Media content and contacts got a little clearer by a court ruling. But in the case of LinkedIn users, they give LinkedIn an irrevocable and perpetual license to everything posted. That means LinkedIn has an ownership claim to everything posted, as a result LinkedIn really has an ownership claim to all content and … Continue reading this entry

LinkedIn Has an Unlimited Right to Everything Posted Forever

Few of the +150 million users realize that since LinkedIn began its operations that everyone gives an unrestricted license to everything posted. This may be a surprise since so few people ever bother to read Terms of Service (ToS) on any website or click agreement. Here is the license in LinkedIn’s User Agreement that all … Continue reading this entry

Did you Notice? LinkedIn Revised its User Agreement

LinkedIn boasts +120 million members who all agree to be bound to their User Agreement, but few LinkedIn members noticed that on June 16, 2011 the LinkedIn User Agreement changed. LinkedIn’s new User Agreement is not radically different from previous versions. However since the LinkedIn User Agreement binds +120 million members world-wide it seems that … Continue reading this entry

LinkedIn - Worth $2.51 Billion?

LinkedIn now has 90 million users and the IPO information about the Social Media site is most interesting, including revenue over $161 million for the first 9 months of 2010 which was twice the total revenue for 2009. The current estimated IPO value of $2.51 billion is pretty astonishing with only 3 products: hiring solutions … Continue reading this entry

Legal Issues Concerning Social Media Use by Employees

Please join the webcast about Social Media Use with my good friends Michelle Cheng, Yvonne Gierczyk-Skasko, and me sponsor by the ALI-ABA (American Law Institute – American Bar Association) which be live on December 7, 2010 at 12:30pm CST. Michelle, Yvonne, and I will discuss our experiences with Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, and many other Social Media … Continue reading this entry

Recent Headlines Send Shockwaves - 'Wikipedia and LinkedIn are Down'!

Tweets a plenty were posted announcing that Wikipedia and LinkedIn were down, but one tweet wondered what would happen if Twitter also went down! We are so dependent on these Social Media tools that when these sites go down the communications also disappears….except probably text messages, phone calls, or even face-to-face conversations. If Social Media … Continue reading this entry

Feds Declare that Blogs and Social Networks are Public Meetings

For purposes of dealing with web 2.0 the White House Memo released on April 7, 2010 about social media specifically states that “interactive meeting tools—including but not limited to public conference calls, webinars, blogs, discussion boards, forums, message boards, chat sessions, social networks, and online communities—to be equivalent to in-person public meetings.” The White House … Continue reading this entry

Ohio Supreme Court Rules Illegal Search and Seizure of a Cell Phone!

In a 5-4 ruling the Ohio Supreme Court now requires a search warrant to search cell phone content which the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio calls a landmark decision as this appears to be a case of first impression. The defendant’s cell phone was searched without a warrant after he was arrested on drug … Continue reading this entry

Give up Texting for Lent? Is that Possible? Practical?

A report that Roman Catholic bishops in Italy are urging Italian Catholics to give up texting for lent sends a very interesting message. This suggestion is more than a no-meat Fridays, to stop communicating with texts for 5 weeks. However there’s more at play than it seems. Most Millennials communicate by text rather than phone … Continue reading this entry

twitter - Dynamically Growing without a Business Plan

Notwithstanding all the .com failures over the past 15 years it’s unusual to see an Internet phenom change the waterfront so much as twitter. If you were otherwise not aware, twitter with a member base of about 4 million is a micro-blogging service which limits its messages to 140 characters and it just announced that … Continue reading this entry