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Google Obliges Website Copyright Takedown Requests 97% of the Time

Google is getting high marks for its May 2012 Transparency Report that when copyright owners complain about website infringement, that Google takes down those website urls (universal resource locators) 97% of the time. Google claims the other 3% are not taken down because of inaccurate or incomplete information. In April 2012 1,255,402 url removal requests … Continue reading this entry

Privacy at Risk? - Feds to Monitor Twitter & Facebook

US citizens expect the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to protect the country from potential threats, but the recent announcement that DHS will monitor Twitter & Facebook will surely cause privacy advocates great concern. Social Media has been used extensively in the government uprisings world-wide and DHS is now drawing up guidelines to monitor Social Media. … Continue reading this entry

GPS Tracking Required Warrant

A court recently ruled that the use of GPS tracking data in a drug distribution case violated the defendant’s constitutional rights and the police needed a warrant. The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a brief in support of Antoine Jones that his expectation of privacy was violated by the GPS device placed on his vehicle. The US … Continue reading this entry

PRIVACY: Should the FBI Get Records about Your Internet Activity Without a Subpoena?

A recent report that the White House wants the FBI to have access to an individual’s Internet activity may help with investigation of terrorism or intelligence, but what about our expectation of privacy? Notwithstanding all of Mark Zuckerberg’s recent comments about privacy, last winter Zuckerberg he told a live audience that if he were to … Continue reading this entry

Privacy Advocates Alarmed - White House Proposes Change to Allow Tracking of US Government Websites

Since 2000 the US government websites generally prohibit tracking of visitors except if there is a compelling need, and the White House Office of Management and Budget is considering an end of this ban and make changes to promote social networking. In the future transparent government may mean that visitors to US government websites are … Continue reading this entry

Are We Any Safer Because the NSA Exceeded its Authority to Intercept eMails?

A report that the National Security Agency (NSA) exceeded its authority by intercepting emails and phone calls of Americans make some people feel safer, and others wary. Many speculate that these massive email and phone call interceptions are systematic and intentional. For instance the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have … Continue reading this entry