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Cybercrime Makes Headlines Again

The EU is considering a plan to require Internet companies to report loss or theft of personal information. The New York Times reported that the new EU laws will apply to “enablers of Internet services, e-commerce platforms, Internet payment gateways, social networks, search engines, cloud computing services, application stores.” The report went on to describe … Continue reading this entry

eMails Costly to Samsung in Apple's $1 Billion Jury Verdict

Behind Apple’s huge verdict in the Samsung trial it’s likely that eMails may have caused the most damage to Samsung on two levels: first, Samsung destroyed eMails which led the Judge to instruct the jury that they should assume the destroyed emails were adverse to Samsung (the legal term is an “Adverse Inference”); and second, … Continue reading this entry

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) - Who Owns the eMail? Intellectual Property?

When employees use their personal cell, tablet, laptop, or PC it’s not so simple to determine who owns the content of their email and intellectual property. Notwithstanding the 2010 US Supreme Court 9-0 ruling (in the City of Ontario v Quon) that an employee who uses a company issued device is not entitled to constitutional … Continue reading this entry

New Legal Terms from Google

Google recently announced revised Terms of Service (ToS) and Privacy Policy which go into effect on March 1, 2012. Google claims that the ToS were rewritten “to make them more readable and to reduce the repetition and legalese.” And with regards to the Privacy Policy Google stated: We’re getting rid of over 60 different privacy policies … Continue reading this entry

Are Privacy Policies Being Enforced?

My eCommerce Times column for October is entitled “Shore Up Your Privacy Policy Before Disaster Strikes” and I encourage you to read it. Actually it was published the same day as my blog that more than 7.5 million children under 13 are on Facebook. Since the Federal Trade Commission regulates Internet privacy in the US and … Continue reading this entry

Protect Your Business - Update your Terms of Service (TOS) & Click Agreements

All Social Media and Internet businesses rely on TOS and Click Agreements to protect their legal rights, but few businesses take the time to make sure that the TOS and Click Agreements actually protect their business operations. I welcome you to read my eCommerce Times column entitled “Your Customers May Not Review Your ToS and … Continue reading this entry

Website Contracts - Does Anyone Care?

Let’s see a show of hands- do you read Terms of Service? Privacy Policies? Or Click Agreements? I routinely ask audiences this question and rarely do I ever get any hands raised. My recent Technology Law column in eCommerce Times entitled “Who Reads Terms of Service, Privacy Policies or Click Agreements?” identifies many legal issues … Continue reading this entry

Let's Get Real, Outlawing Internet Gambling Was Failure

My recent Technology Law column in eCommerce Times describes why the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) has merely driven Internet Gambling off-shore and as result the US is losing billions of dollars of tax revenue. Generally the UIGEA resulted from four major policy concerns of the federal government: First, the Internet was too … Continue reading this entry