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Cybersmear $13.78 million Verdict Thrown Out

After losing a $13.78 jury verdict in April, 2012 the defendants persuaded the judge that the plaintiffs failed to prove that the defendants actually posted the anonymous libel. The plaintiffs, Mark and Rhonda Lesher, did get IP (Internet Protocol) addresses for the anonymous posters, but failed to convince District Judge Dana Womack (in Fort Worth, … Continue reading this entry

Cybersmear - Jury Verdict of $13.78 Million for Anonymous Postings

Freedom of speech under the First Amendment of the Constitution does not protect anonymous libel and slander posted on the Internet. ABC News reported that on April 20, 2012 a jury in Fort Worth, Texas gave a verdict in favor for Mark and Rhonda Lesher whose 2009 lawsuit was filed against “anonymous commenters who accused … Continue reading this entry

Cybersmear - the Skank Blogger Plans to Sue Google for $15m for Disclosing Her Identity

A recent ruling about an alleged anonymous slanderous blogs about a New York City model made it to the front page of every news media on the Internet when a New York City Judge ruled that Google had to identify the name of the person who ran the blog called “Skanks of NYC.” When Liskula … Continue reading this entry