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Obama Gets Mediocre Privacy Grades

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) issued its second annual privacy report card with lower grades of “C for consumer data protection efforts and a D on civil liberties.” Mark Rotenberg, executive director of EPIC said "Our bottom-line assessment is that with respect to privacy, things are getting worse.” The EPIC is pleased that President Obama’s … Continue reading this entry

HEADLINE: FBI Director Warns of 'Rapidly Expanding' Cyberterrorism Threat

The Robert S. Mueller III’s (FBI Director) warning is not a surprise but how the IT community deals with these threats impact us all. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano “admitted there is an urgent need to step up efforts to protect Americans from cyber attacks.” Also Ms. Napolitano’s predecessor Michael Chertoff, former DHS secretary, under … Continue reading this entry

Not Very Cyber Secure Headline - "More than 75,000 computer systems hacked"

After the news reports about the cyber attacks in China it’s no wonder that that more than “75,000 computer systems at nearly 2,500 companies in the United States and around the world have been hacked in what appears to be one of the largest and most sophisticated attacks by cyber criminals discovered to date.” Unfortunately … Continue reading this entry

Cyber Czar Finally

Months after declaring the importance of CyberSecurity as a national priority President Obama will name Howard Schmidt as Cyber Czar today. “Schmidt served as special adviser for cyberspace security from 2001 to 2003 and shepherded the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace, a plan that then was largely ignored. He left that job also frustrated, colleagues … Continue reading this entry

60 Minutes Report about Cyber War, but Still No Cyber Czar

Probably everyone who watched the recent 60 Minutes story entitled “Cyber War: Sabotaging the System” was not surprised by any aspect of the story. The report is old news, but unsettling particularly following President Obama’s presentation of his “Cyber Policy Review.” The White House vowed to take the lead in protecting the US. However apparently … Continue reading this entry

Intellipedia Uses Wikipedia Software to Help US Intelligence

Wikipedia is without doubt the model for online collaboration, so it should be no surprise that the 16 US intelligence agencies would use Wikipedia’s software to connect dots to protect our country. Obviously the availability to Intellipedia is limited to users with proper government clearance and has grown since the 2006 launch to “and now … Continue reading this entry

Privacy Advocates Alarmed - White House Proposes Change to Allow Tracking of US Government Websites

Since 2000 the US government websites generally prohibit tracking of visitors except if there is a compelling need, and the White House Office of Management and Budget is considering an end of this ban and make changes to promote social networking. In the future transparent government may mean that visitors to US government websites are … Continue reading this entry

Cyber Security Is Critical - But No One Wants to be Cyber Czar!

In May when President Obama released a 40 page “Cyberspace Policy Review” it seemed pretty clear that the appointment of a Cyber Czar was imminent, however recent reports are that no one wants the job! In spite of three-year study report from the National Academy of Sciences that stated that the US was not Cybersafe … Continue reading this entry