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How to Improve Search Results on Google

Pew Research recently reported that 92% of adults use search engines daily and comScore recently reported that 65.6% of all US searches are conducted on Google. So I thought I would pass along Hack College’s recommendations about how to “Get More Out of Google.” Here are some search pointers that may improve your use of … Continue reading this entry

Privacy Concerns if Chinese Ownership of Yahoo!

A report in the Financial Times that Alibaba might take over Yahoo! has raised privacy fears. Jack Ma’s (Alibaba founder & former Google employee) recent comment about the prospect that Alibaba was interested in Yahoo! set off privacy group alarms as reported by the Financial Times: "Lawmakers should oppose a deal where the data of … Continue reading this entry

eDiscovery Tool May Help HP Create a New Search Engine to Compete with Google & Bing

New Scientist reports that HP may use the Autonomy pattern-recognition eDiscovery tool to develop a new search engine which would work in tandem with HP’s text-based search. The report includes this example: …the ability to point your phone at an image and having it return web links, documents, and other information. Other applications might be … Continue reading this entry

Protect Your Business - Update your Terms of Service (TOS) & Click Agreements

All Social Media and Internet businesses rely on TOS and Click Agreements to protect their legal rights, but few businesses take the time to make sure that the TOS and Click Agreements actually protect their business operations. I welcome you to read my eCommerce Times column entitled “Your Customers May Not Review Your ToS and … Continue reading this entry

Mobile Search Wars - Microsoft & BlackBerry vs. Google

By the fall of 2011 BlackBerry mobile devices will use Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine (with Bing maps) in direct competition with Google and to try to capture location based marketing opportunities. This should not be a surprise to anyone since Microsoft’s reported a 4% decline in sales of the Windows operating system … Continue reading this entry

Bing Now Offers Links from Search to Facebook & Twitter

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is trying desperately to keep up with Google and its approximate 70% of the US search market. Bing recently added links to Facebook and Twitter from search results with the hope that these Social Media links will impact search traffic. Since Microsoft does not have its own Social Media presence Microsoft … Continue reading this entry

Privacy Update - Frankly Most Social Media Users Don't Care

Facebook now offers users the ability to download all of their content in a simple zip file format, but this doesn’t solve privacy concerns. Sure it’s nice to be able to download all the content, but in the meantime Facebook still stores lots of valuable information about users. Let’s see a show of hands- how many of … Continue reading this entry

Search Engine Update: Google grabs 71% of U.S. searches, Bing slips

No surprise that Google’s search engine continues to grow at the expense of Yahoo! and Microsoft’s Bing. Hitwise now reports April 2010: Google at 71.4%, Yahoo! down 1% to to 14.96%, Bing down 2% to 9.43%, Ask down 37% to 2.18%, and the remaining 78 search engines accounted for 2.03%. As these search engine wars … Continue reading this entry

BIG NEWS: Google Search Engine Results Now Provides Social Network Updates

Google added two new links for “My social circle” and “My social content” that permit Social Networking searches! This blending of the most popular search engine in the US with social networking is getting more interesting since “Google is striking real-time deals with both Facebook and MySpace. Updates from public pages on Facebook will appear … Continue reading this entry

Baidu - China's Big Winner

With all the press about the disaster for Google in China somebody had to benefit, and it turns out the predominant search engine Baidu will be the big winner. Baidu had 63.9% and Google had about 31.3% of China’s search engine’s market before the December attacks. Ironically Baidu was started by Li Yanhong, a.k.a. Robin … Continue reading this entry

Microsoft Trying to be Smaller in the EU and Bigger in China

The EU finally concluded its antitrust case against Microsoft by allowing customers to select browsers from a variety of 12 options including Google (Chrome), Apple (Safari), Mozilla (Firefox), and Opera. Under the plan “in March Microsoft will issue an update that enables the more than 100 million European users of Windows XP, Vista and Windows … Continue reading this entry

Update on Search Engines - Google and Bing Grow, Yahoo! Declines

No major changes in the war over search engines in past two months, first place Google grew to 65.4% (+.5%), second place Yahoo! declined to 18% (-.8%), and third place Bing (Microsoft’s newly named engine formerly “Live Search) grew to 9.9% (+.5%). Interestingly the two greatest search increases are for YouTube (+7%) and Bing (+8). … Continue reading this entry

Google Update!- Estimated Value - $32B, But Also Taking Over News and Display Ad Leadership!

Watching the world economy meltdown in the past year it’s not much of a surprise that Google value increased by about 25% to number 7 in the world with an estimated value to an $32B! Other technology companies did not fare as well as reported by BusinessWeek and Interbrand:IBM increased by about 2%, Microsoft lost about 4%, … Continue reading this entry