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Don’t we need Federal Privacy Laws for IoT? reported “For the third time in as many years, lawmakers have introduced a bill that would require Internet of Things (IoT) products sold by federal contractors and vendors to abide by government guidelines to ensure a baseline of cybersecurity.”  The March 18, 2019 article entitled “New IoT Security Bill: Third Time’s the Charm?” included … Continue reading this entry

Privacy Concerns- Should facial recognition tracking your buying habits in stores be regulated? reported “that more than 60% of respondents thought the technology was “creepy””…that was used in…”tracking buying habits, and alerting sales people to shoppers’ preferences and previous purchases as soon as they enter stores.” The March 7, 2019 article entitled “Facial Recognition Brings Opportunity … and Privacy Concerns” included these comments: Regulators and advocacy groups … Continue reading this entry

PRIVACY STUDY: GDPR readiness appears to help avoid cyber intrusions!

Cisco issued a Study that “GDPR-ready organizations have also experienced fewer data breaches, and when breaches have occurred, fewer records were impacted, and system downtime was shorter. As a result, the total cost of data breaches was less than what organizations not ready for GDPR experienced.” The January 2019 “Data Privacy Benchmark Study” is part … Continue reading this entry

First State Bar Launches Privacy Certification reported that “The North Carolina State Bar recently founded a privacy and information security law certification. In the absence of a federal privacy law, such certifications could become common in other states.” The September 21, 2018 report entitled “North Carolina State Bar Launches Privacy Certification Amid Growing Cyber Focus” included these comments: Right now … Continue reading this entry

IoT Privacy Threat – Hacker takes over Baby Cam!

The Washington Post report included this recommendation about baby cameras “The first is to change your camera’s password to something that isn’t ’1111111′ or ‘iloveyousweeties,’… ”  The December 20, 2018 report entitled “‘I’m in your baby’s room’: A hacker took over a baby monitor and broadcast threats, parents say” included these comments about IoT including … Continue reading this entry

Big Privacy Surprise! iOS and Android Apps are tracking us!

The New York Times reported that “Frequently, location data companies make packages of code that collect phones’ whereabouts. Developers who add this code to their apps can get paid for location-targeted ads, or earn money for providing the location data, or get free mapping or other services for their apps.”  The December 10, 2018 article … Continue reading this entry

Walmart’s new Robotic Janitors will clean floors and collect data!

The Washington Post reported that Walmart “The robots look fairly one-dimensional in nature, but their onboard sensors allow them to collect useful analytical data, the company said. The data may prove useful, providing the company with information about peak shopping hours or “which shelves are empty,”.”  The December 4, 2018 report entitled “Walmart’s latest hire: … Continue reading this entry

Blockchain’s immutability is in conflict with GDPR’s “right to be forgotten”!

Legaltechnews reported about the French’s Commission Nationale de l’informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) guidance on Blockchain regarding the “right to be forgotten” since “…private blockchains can be managed and controlled, public blockchains are a free-for-all that will likely pose an ongoing challenge for CNIL and other EU regulators.”  The October 5, 2018 report entitled “France’s … Continue reading this entry

VIDEO: Technology continues to impact Privacy Laws

Please watch my latest video entitled “The Impact of the Latest Technology Challenges on You” which includes an update on privacy laws including about GDPR, IoT, Cybersecurity, among other topics may affect you and your business. The video was produced by Financial Management Network and SmartPros (a Kaplan company), and my long time friend Jeff … Continue reading this entry

GDPR User Consent? May not in EU’s $22 BILLION targeted ad website market! reported “Some major websites continue to deliver targeted advertisements to users in Europe who have not given consent for their personal information to be used, according to advertising industry sources, owners of major websites and a Reuters review of about 10 websites.”  The July 2, 2018 report entitled “Websites and online advertisers test limits … Continue reading this entry

California’s new privacy law targets Facebook and Google!

The Washington Post reported that in 2020 the new “California Consumer Privacy Act” will go into effect which “requires tech giants to disclose the kind of data they collect about consumers and allows Web users to opt out of having their information sold to third parties, including advertisers.”  The June 28, 2018 report entitled “California … Continue reading this entry

Supreme Court Rules on Internet Privacy - Access to cell phone data requires court warrants!

The NY Times reported that the Supreme Court ruled in a “5-to-4 decision has implications for all kinds of personal information held by third parties, including email and text messages, internet searches, and bank and credit card records.”  The June 22, 2018 ruling in the case of  Carpenter v. US was reported in the June … Continue reading this entry

GDPR means that EU is now the most powerful regulator of privacy in the world!

The Washington Post article highlighted the importance of GDPR in that it “underscored the extent to which the European Union has emerged as the most powerful regulator of Silicon Valley, stepping in where Washington has failed — or simply been unwilling — to limit some of the United States’ most lucrative and politically influential companies.”  … Continue reading this entry

GDPR will likely lead to more cyber insurance claims!

My friend Judy Greenwald reported at that AIG expects now that GDPR is in place that more “Companies will be more inclined to report breaches, with the impact on cyber claims similar to that witnessed in the U.S. after state breach notification laws come into effect.”  Judy’s May 24, 2018 report entitled “Security claims … Continue reading this entry

MAY 25, 2018 GDPR Penalties: May be significant and so here are 10 things you should know

My friend Zack Warren  (Editor-in-Chief of Legaltech News) recently wrote at that “While the maximum penalty of the greater between $20 million or 4 percent of an organization’s annual revenue may not be widely applied, compliance will still be expected for all organizations that touch EU citizens’ data in some way.”  The May 14, … Continue reading this entry

CLOUD Act dramatically changes international privacy laws (and eDiscovery)!

Without any public hearings, review, or public comment Congress created the CLOUD Act which was signed into law as part of the $1.3 trillion government spending bill which changed the 1986 Stored Communications Act (SCA).  The SCA was created to protect privacy in telephone records and with the advent of the Internet has been used … Continue reading this entry

HIPAA Privacy Rules Changes Proposed by OCR! reported that OCR (Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights) which is the “HIPAA enforcement agency is planning to seek the public’s input through notices of proposed rulemaking and a request for information before making possible changes.”  The March 28, 2018 article entitled “OCR Considering HIPAA Privacy Rule, Enforcement Changes” included … Continue reading this entry

Mark Zuckerberg requested to testify to Congress about Facebook/Cambridge Analytica Privacy

The Washington Post reported that there was an official request for Mark Zuckerberg to testify at the House Energy and Commerce Committee since the Committee believes the “CEO of Facebook, he is the right witness to provide answers to the American people. We look forward to working with Facebook and Mr. Zuckerberg to determine a … Continue reading this entry

Tax phishing attacks leads to theft of millions of passwords at Office365 (think Microsoft)! reported a “new wave of phishing attacks aims to dupe users and steal their passwords by disguising malicious emails as tax-related notifications from the IRS.” The March 2, 2018 report entitled “Millions of Office 365 Accounts Hit with Password Stealers” included these comments: Barracuda Networks last month flagged a “critical alert” when it detected … Continue reading this entry

German Court Ruling against Facebook portends trouble under GDPR! reported about “a three-year battle, a regional court in Berlin has found that Facebook’s default privacy settings, terms of service, and requirement that users register under their own name violate Germany’s data privacy and consent rules. “  The article entitled “Facebook Foreshadowing: German Court Underscores Tech’s Uncertain GDPR Future” included these comments about how … Continue reading this entry

Cybersecurity threats targeted at State elections?

The Washington Post wrote an article that “State officials have been scrambling to address vulnerabilities in their systems, particularly since the fall, when the Department of Homeland Security disclosed the attempts on the 21 states. Though it is not believed there were further attacks, experts say Russian operatives may have been laying the groundwork for … Continue reading this entry

GDPR will change world-wide privacy on May 25, 2018: here are 13 key GDPR terms you better know! reported that GDPR is “a massive piece of legislation and if you want to read all 250+ pages, talk about it with fellow data nerds or marketing professionals, or just comprehend the various articles online, you need to know some of the key terms.”  The January 24, 2018 report entitled “13 Key GDPR Terms … Continue reading this entry

PBS Audio: Privacy does not exist, and no one cares!!

Please tune and listen to my friend Lauren Silverman’s interview on KERA/Think of Professor Randolph Lewis about privacy, or lack thereof since “many types of surveillance are pitched as ways to make us safer, almost no one has examined the unintended consequences of living under constant scrutiny and how it changes the way we think … Continue reading this entry