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Microsoft contempt ruling overturned for failing to produce emails in Ireland!

Posted in Anonymous Internet Activity, E-Discovery, eCommerce, Internet Access, Internet Jurisdiction, Internet Privacy
In 1986 Congress passed the Stored Communications Act (SCA) to control telephone records long before the Internet we know today, but the SCA is the main law that Internet companies rely to protect users’ content and in 1986 in passing the SCA “Congress focused on providing basic safeguards for the privacy of domestic users.” Nonetheless… Continue Reading

Did the NSA Record 70+ Million French Phone Calls in a Month?

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Jurisdiction, Internet Privacy
There are allegations that the National Security Agency (NSA) “spied on French telecommunications giant Alcatel-Lucent and gathered data on millions of phone calls” according to French foreign minister Laurent Fabius as reported by Computerworld. On October 21, 2013 French newspaper Le Monde reported that the NSA used DNR (Dial Number Recognition) between December 10, 2012… Continue Reading

Twitter Accepts Jurisdiction of French Court

Posted in Internet Jurisdiction
Rather than fight French jurisdiction Twitter provided information regarding the identity of posters who allegedly violated French law by posting hate speech. After the French court issued an Order in January, 2013 requiring information about the identity of the posters, Twitter considered what course of action to take since Twitter’s Terms of Service (ToS) specifically… Continue Reading

Internet Jurisdiction – French Court vs. Twitter

Posted in Internet Jurisdiction
A French Court ordered Twitter in California to identify anonymous individuals whose Tweets were anti-Semitic and racist in violation of French law, even though Twitter claims that its Terms of Service (ToS) are controlled by California law. The New York Times reported: The case revolves around the broad question of which country’s laws have jurisdiction… Continue Reading

Internet Jurisdiction- Another Challenge

Posted in Internet Jurisdiction
On a recent trip to Prague and London the reality of the impact of the Internet on our lives was reinforced. On every corner there’s an Internet café, WIFI, cell (mobile) phone store, or McDonald’s, and it is clear that the Internet now pervades world-wide communications. But a report concerning a recent decision by the… Continue Reading