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Can AI really be worth $15.4 TRILLION?

McKinsey reported that total potential “annual value of AI and analytics across industries to be be worth $9.5 to $15.4 trillion” in its report entitled “The executive’s AI playbook” which includes 3 different perspectives: Value & Assess – Size the opportunity and determine data needs Execute – Learn best practices to realize value Beware – … Continue reading this entry

Artificial Intelligence Update: Harvard now offering free access to 6.5 million US law cases!

Harvard announced that “The Library Innovation Lab at the Harvard Law School Library has completed its Caselaw Access Project, an endeavour to digitize every reported state and federal US legal case from the 1600s to last summer.” The announcement entitled “Harvard just put more than 6 million court cases online to give legal AI a … Continue reading this entry

Artificial Intelligence now being used to predict the Next Big Earthquake!

The New York Times reported that “with the help of artificial intelligence, a growing number of scientists say changes in the way they can analyze massive amounts of seismic data can help them better understand earthquakes, anticipate how they will behave, and provide quicker and more accurate early warnings.”  The October 26, 2018 article entitled … Continue reading this entry

Maybe Artificial Intelligence is for real since MIT commits $1 billion for a new college!

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) News announced the “…initiative marks the single largest investment in computing and AI by an American academic institution, and will help position the United States to lead the world in preparing for the rapid evolution of computing and AI.”  The October 15, 2018 news release entitled “MIT reshapes itself to … Continue reading this entry

3 reasons Artificial Intelligence (AI) may not be a silver bullet for Cybersecurity reported that “To be fair, AI definitely has a few clear advantages for cybersecurity…in reality, like any technology, AI has its limitations.” The July 20, 2018 article entitled “Why Artificial Intelligence Is Not a Silver Bullet for Cybersecurity” included these comments about #1 Fool Me Once: AI Can Be Used to Fool Other AIs: … Continue reading this entry