reported that “The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency heard recommendations for the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative approved Wednesday by the agency’s Cybersecurity Advisory Committee. The recommendations urge CISA to deepen the JCDC’s focus on operational collaboration and clarify key operational components, such as criteria for membership and participation in physical spaces.” The June 7, 2024 article entitled ” CISA Planning JCDC Overhaul as Experts Criticize Slow Start” ( included these comments:

CISA has accepted or partially accepted virtually all of the advisory committee’s last set of recommendations. CISA’s established the committee in June 2021 to provide strategic advice; it consists of 23 leading cybersecurity, technology and risk management experts. The agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment as to whether it plans to adopt the JCDC recommendations.

CISA has struggled to clearly detail who can be a member of the JCDC – and what being a JCDC partner even means – from its very inception, said Ari Schwartz, coordinator of the Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law and former senior director of cybersecurity for the National Security Council.

This sounds like good news, what do you think?

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