reported that “Critical infrastructure sectors face many potentially disruptive threats such as supply chain vulnerabilities, climate risks and the growing dependency on space-based systems. But the top cyberthreats facing the U.S. are nation-state adversaries in People’s Republic of China and emerging risks associated with artificial intelligence and quantum computing,…” The June 20, 2024 article entitled “DHS Unveils Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Guidance” ( included this announcement from the Department of Homeland Security:

….new guidance on defending against those risks. He called on sector risk management agencies responsible for overseeing the protection of critical infrastructure in the U.S. to work with owners and operators to develop and implement a foundation of resilience measures. Those measures should include response plans “to quickly recover from all types of shocks and stressors,” while anticipating potential cascading impacts of cyberattacks, according to the guidance document.

We depend on the reliable functioning of our critical infrastructure as a matter of national security, economic security, and public safety, The threats facing our critical infrastructure demand a whole of society response and the priorities set forth in this memo will guide that work.

This is clearly a serious issue for all of us!

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