reported that “Years into strategies centered on adopting cloud point solutions, CIOs increasingly find themselves facing a bill past due: rationalizing, managing, and integrating an ever-expanding lineup of SaaS offerings — many of which they themselves didn’t bring into the organization’s cloud estate.” The March 15, 2024 article entitled “CIOs take aim at SaaS sprawl”

( included these comments: 

Salesforce, Workday, Atlassian, Oracle, Microsoft, GitHub, and ServiceNow are but a few of the many vendors whose cloud applications make up the new tech backbone for most enterprises today, in conjunction with customized in-house apps and niche offerings across public clouds. 

For many IT leaders, mergers and decentralization on top of cloud migration strategies are significant contributors to SaaS management headaches, resulting in increased complexity and redundancies that can be challenging to uncover.

But the article does not address the important legal issues in the SaaS world!

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