reported that “A multinational operation involving law enforcement agencies from 11 countries has struck a decisive blow to the LockBit group, the world’s most prolific ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) gang. A taskforce of 17 agencies including the FBI, the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA), and Europol took control of key LockBit infrastructure including numerous dark web websites.”  The February 20, 2024 report entitled “LockBit gang hobbled by international takedown” ( included these comments:

 The takedown of the Russian-speaking gang’s operations is the latest in a growing number of actions that have disrupted cybercriminal groups’ activities over recent months.

An FBI official told Bloomberg law enforcement from 11 different countries took part in the operation, which seized 11,000 domains used by LockBit and its ransomware affiliates. The operation, which disrupted LockBit’s infrastructure and targeted its malware deployment system, took place over recent days, the official said.

An NCA spokesperson confirmed LockBit’s operations had been “disrupted as a result of international law enforcement action”.

As a result of the takedown, several LockBit dark web websites were displaying messages indicating they were under NCA control, following the actions of an international taskforce called “Operation Cronos”.

Wonderful news for the king of RaaS!!

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