reported that “After years of marching to the cloud migration drumbeat, CIOs are increasingly becoming circumspect about the cloud-first mantra, catching on to the need to turn some workloads away from the public cloud to platforms where they will run more productively, more efficiently, and cheaper.”  The February 27, 2024 report entitled ” CIOs rethink all-in cloud strategies” ( Included these comments from David Linthicum (former chief cloud strategy officer at Deloitte):

…many enterprise CIOs who got caught up in the race to the cloud are now fixing their “misadventures” by seeking out the ideal platforms for various applications — whether that is in a private cloud, on an industry cloud, within their own data centers, through a managed service provider, on the edge, or orchestrated in a multicloud architecture…

And these comments from John Musser (senior director of engineering for Ford Pro at Ford Motor Co.) whose team found it more cost effective to run some workloads on a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster in the company’s data center than on the cloud:

It’s a form of rightsizing, trying to balance around cost effectiveness, capability, regulation, and privacy,…Even though we’ll often do it in the cloud, doesn’t mean we should always do it in the cloud.

It’s about time since Cloud has taken over TOO MUCH!

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