Darkreading.com reported these comments from Check Point researchers “The research also highlights the “alarming” role USB drives play in spreading malware quickly and often unbeknown to users — even across air-gapped systems. “These malicious programs possess the ability to self-propagate through USB drives, making them potent carriers of infection, even beyond their intended targets,…” The July 22, 2023 article entitled “USB Drives Spread Spyware as China’s Mustang Panda APT Goes Global” (https://tinyurl.com/3wpzsypn) included these comments:

Researchers at Check Point Research discovered the backdoor, which they’ve dubbed WispRider. The campaign is the work of the Chinese-state-sponsored APT that Check Point tracks as “Camaro Dragon,” but which is probably better known as Mustang Panda (aka Luminous Moth and Bronze President).

Check Point first discovered the malware when an employee who had participated in a conference held in Asia came home with an infected USB drive, researchers revealed in a blog post published June 22. Apparently, the employee — dubbed “Patient Zero” by the researchers — had shared his presentation with fellow attendees using his USB drive, and one of his colleagues there passed on the infection from his computer, they said.

Pretty scary news, what do you think?

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