Darkreading.com reported that “UK cybersecurity authorities and researchers tamp down fears that ChatGPT will overwhelm current defenses, while the CEO of OpenAI worries about its use in cyberattacks.”  The March 20, 2023 article entitled “ChatGPT Gut Check: Cybersecurity Threats Overhyped or Not?” (https://www.darkreading.com/attacks-breaches/chatgpt-gut-check-openai-cybersecurity-threat-overhyped) included these comments:

The dizzying capacity for OpenAI to vacuum up vast amounts of data and spit out custom-tailored content has ushered in all sorts of worrying predictions about the technology’s ability to overwhelm everything — including cybersecurity defenses.

Indeed, ChatGPT’s latest iteration, GPT-4, is smart enough to pass the bar exam, generate thousands of words of text, and write malicious code. And thanks to its stripped-down interface anyone can use, concerns that the OpenAI tools could turn any would-be petty thief into a technically savvy malicious coder in moments were, and still are, well-founded. ChatGPT-enabled cyberattacks started popping up just after its user-friendly interface premiered in November 2022.

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