reported that “The global shift into cloud computing may come under increased scrutiny by U.S. regulators following an announcement by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission that it is studying cloud industry market dynamics, including potential security risks.  The oversight agency issued a request for information asking whether cloud providers use contractual or technological measures to entrench customers.”  The March 22, 2023 article entitled “US FTC Seeks Information on Cloud Provider Cybersecurity” ( included this comment from Stephanie Nguyen (FTC Chief Technology Officer):

Large parts of the economy now rely on cloud computing services for a range of services,…

And the article included these comments:

The top three providers – AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud – collectively accounted for approximately two-thirds of the total spend. Consolidation has been a fact of life in the cloud computing market for more than a decade, marked by incidents such as the 2013 failure of infrastructure-as-a-service provider Nirvanix.

What do you think about Cloud Cybersecurity?

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