reported that in a US Senate hearing that “The Government Accountability Office in November reported the DOD had experienced more than 12,000 cyber incidents since 2015, although the annual rate of detected attacks has been declining.” The March 29, 2023 report entitled “Pentagon Doubles Down on Zero Trust” ( also included these comments from Department of Defense CIO John B. Sherman in testimony before the Senate Armed Forces Committee’s Cybersecurity Subcommittee:

We’ve committed to implementing zero trust across the DOD by 2027, which is an ambitious yet critical milestone, given the geopolitical threats we face,

The article also had these comments:

A top Pentagon technology official on Wednesday emphasized the U.S. Department of Defense’s embrace of zero trust as a path to safeguarding military networks.

The department in November pledged to have a zero trust technical architecture within the next five years. The strategy calls for continuous multifactor authentication, microsegmentation of networks and more automation and better analytics.

Promoting widespread government adoption of zero trust principles was also a cornerstone of President Joe Biden’s national cybersecurity strategy, unveiled earlier this month.

Do you believe it’s possible for the DOD to get this secure by 2027?