reported that Rackspace disclosed that “on Friday, December 2nd, 2022, we became aware of suspicious activity and immediately took proactive measures to isolate the Hosted Exchange environment to contain the incident. We have since determined this suspicious activity was the result of a ransomware incident,…”  The December 6, 2022 report entitled “Rackspace Hosted Exchange outage was caused by ransomware” ( included these comments:

Rackspace has offered affected customers a free Microsoft Exchange Plan 1 license on Microsoft 365, and has using a growing support team to help them migrate their users and domains to that service and to reconfigure their DNS for their domain (i.e., modify their DNS records at their authoritative nameserver) to complete the migration.

They also provided a temporary solution that would allow customers to continue receiving emails until they set up Microsoft 365: a forwarding option that would send mail destined for a Hosted Exchange user to an external email address. (This option also requires the help of the support team.)

Ransomware continues to grow, and impact more Internet users!