reported about Twitter “the uptime problems come amid ongoing concerns about the long-term security of Twitter’s systems – and user data privacy – following last month’s mass layoffs at the company, which included an exodus of cybersecurity staff.”  The December 29, 2022 report entitled “As Twitter Downplays Outage, Security Concerns Persist” ( included these comments: 

Downdetector, a website that aggregates user reports of being unable to access a site or service, reported a spike in downtime beginning Wednesday evening.

“It basically forced me to log out and now i can’t log in again. been trying every now and then for the past 30mins,” a Downdetector user reported shortly thereafter.

Twitter’s API status page has continued to report all systems operational, claiming there has been no disruption.

Twitter earlier this year agreed to a U.S. Federal Trade Commission consent order that requires it to maintain a robust privacy and information security program for the next two decades. The FTC is taking a closer look at Twitter’s security and privacy controls following the mass layoffs, Bloomberg reported.

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