reported that “Ransomware attacks against U.K. hospitals and schools remained the biggest cybersecurity threat facing country in 2022, the country’s cybersecurity agency warns, adding that these attacks are likely to surge in the coming months.”  The November 1, 2022 article entitled “Ransomware Attacks Pose Biggest Threat to UK Organizations” ( included these comments from the 2022 cyber threat report released by the National Cyber Security Centre (

The NCSC attributes the uptick in ransomware attacks to the proliferation of ransomware-as-a-service groups, which it says are empowering lower-skilled attackers and group affiliates that normally lack the expertise to deploy sophisticated malware. These services have opened multiple attack vectors to a broader range of hackers, NCSC says.

Further, less sophisticated hackers are now equipping themselves with advanced intrusion software such as military-grade spyware and off-the-shelf cyber surveillance products that are readily available through various cybercrime markets. These capabilities have “lowered the entry into cybercrime” and will directly contribute to ransomware extortion and corporate espionage attacks against U.K. businesses.

No surprise to anyone about the increase in Ransomware in the UK!