reported that “over revelations that hospitals and other healthcare providers have incorporated into patient portals web tracking technology offered by Meta and Google.”  The October 25, 2022 article entitled ” Pressure on Meta Mounts Over Pixel Collecting Health Data” (  included these comments regarding Sen. Mark Warner letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

It is critical that technology companies like Meta take seriously their role in protecting user health data. Without meaningful action, I fear that these continuing privacy violations and harmful uses of health data could become the new status quo in healthcare and public health,…

A Meta spokesman responded to Information Security Media Group’s request for comment on the letter by stating:

Advertisers should not send sensitive information about people through our business tools as doing so is against our policies. We educate advertisers on properly setting up business tools to prevent this from occurring. Our system is designed to filter out potentially sensitive data it is able to detect.

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