reported that “A web3 security company that offers smart contract audits to blockchain companies found itself on the receiving end of an exploitable flaw when two individuals stole hundreds of non-fungible tokens during the minting stag.”  The September 6, 2022 report entitled “Smart Contract Auditing Firm Suffers Smart Contract Exploit” included these comments:

Rug Pull Finder acknowledged that two individuals took 450 NFTs out of a 1,221-NFT “Bad Guys” collection featuring art of scammers “causing mischief across the blockchain.”

The individuals exploited the “critical flaw” during the free mint of the company’s NFT project. It allowed them to bypass the project’s one-NFT-per-wallet rule and allocate hundreds of assets to themselves, Rug Pull Finder says.

Bad news, but I still think that Smart Contracts are not Smart and not Contracts!!