Darkreading.com reported that “CircleCI has sent out a notice to its customers that a phishing email scam is targeting their users, along with GitHub’s, in an attempt to harvest credentials.  The CircleCI security alert included a copy of the malicious email that told recipients that the companies were working together to launch a new terms of service on CircleCI and GitHub accounts.”  The September 22, 2022 article entitled “CircleCI, GitHub Users Targeted in Phishing Campaign” (https://www.darkreading.com/attacks-breaches/circleci-and-github-customers-targeted-phishing-campaign) included this bogus email “As a result of this update, all users will need to review and accept the new Terms of Use and privacy policy in order to continue using CircleCI services,” and these comments:

Below the notice was a malicious link directing users to log into their GitHub account through CircleCI to accept the new terms.

CircleCI assured its users the company would not require customers to log in to review their terms of service, and pointed out that the malicious link sends victims to circle-ci[.]com, a domain not owned by the company.

“We have no reason to believe your organization has been specifically targeted or that your account has been compromised, but want our customers to be aware that there is an ongoing phishing attempt and to exercise due caution,” CircleCI explained in the notice of the active phishing attack to its customers.

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