Darkreading.com reported that “Even as the global cybersecurity skills gap continues to widen, many organizations still cling to the idea that if they hold out long enough, they will be able to find rock-star veterans to fill out their security team rosters.”  The June 16, 2022 article entitled “Are You Hiring Enough Entry-Level Security Pros?” Included these comments from Tara Wisniewski (executive vice president of advocacy, global markets, and member engagements for (ISC)²) that “according to the “(ISC)² Cybersecurity Hiring Managers Guide.” Based on a survey of 1,200 cybersecurity hiring managers from the US, UK, Canada, and India, the report details hiring practices around the globe.”:

The study shows us that, with the exception of the smallest organizations, employment levels for entry-level cybersecurity professionals trail far behind every other experience level,…

It’s also a particularly notable challenge in the US and UK, compared to Canada and India where entry-level employment levels are higher overall.

Hopefully things will improve soon!