The New York Times reported that a Bitcoin security person “had long been obsessed with the value of privacy, and he set out to learn how thoroughly a person can escape the all-seeing eyes of corporate America and the government. But he wanted to do it without giving up internet access and moving to a shack in the woods.”  The March 12, 2019 article entitled “How a Bitcoin Evangelist Made Himself Vanish, in 15 (Not So Easy) Steps” included these comments about #3 to “Carry cash”:

The most anonymous way to buy things, of course, is to simply use cash…. enough to handle most daily transactions.

Here are details on #8 to “Create a V.P.N. for home internet use”:

In order to shield his internet address and his location, he turned his home internet router into a virtual private network, or V.P.N., that made all his internet traffic appear to come from different internet addresses in different places.

All 15 Easy Steps:

  1. Create a new corporate identity.
  2. Set up new bank accounts and payment cards.
  3. Carry cash.
  4. Get a new phone number.
  5. Stop using the phone for directions.
  6. Move.
  7. Make up a fake name for casual interactions.
  8. Create a V.P.N. for home internet use.
  9. Buy a boring car.
  10. Buy a decoy house to fool the D.M.V.
  11. Set up a private mailbox and remailing service.
  12. Master the art of disguise.
  13. Work remotely.
  14. Encrypt devices when traveling remotely.
  15. Hire private investigators to check your work.

Does this give you any ideas?