Darkreading.com reported that “Based on responses from more than 1,000 IT professionals, business executives, and backup administrators, Barracuda found that 40% of IT organizations surveyed don’t use third-party backup tools to protect Office 365 data.” The March 28, 2019 article entitled “40% of Organizations Not Doing Enough to Protect Office 365 Data” included these comments according to the Barracuda study:

…deleted emails are not backed up on Office 365 in the traditional sense. Rather, they are kept in the recycle bin for a maximum of 93 days before they’re deleted forever.

For SharePoint and OneDrive, deleted information gets retained for a maximum of 14 days by Microsoft, and individuals must open a support ticket to retrieve it.

SharePoint and OneDrive are unable to retrieve single items/files; they must restore an entire instance.

It’s unlikely that such short retention policies meet most compliance requirements.

What are you doing to protect Office 365 data?