Cisco issued a Study that “GDPR-ready organizations have also experienced fewer data breaches, and when breaches have occurred, fewer records were impacted, and system downtime was shorter. As a result, the total cost of data breaches was less than what organizations not ready for GDPR experienced.” The January 2019 “Data Privacy Benchmark Study” is part of the Cisco Cybersecurity Series 2019 which pointed out the importance of data privacy:

Data privacy has become a board-level issue for many organizations, and customers are making sure their vendors and business partners have adequate answers to their privacy concerns before doing business together.

The Study included these details about the privacy professionals who participated:

….a double-blind survey completed by more than 3200 security professionals in 18 countries and across all major industries and geographic regions.

Many of the privacy specific questions were addressed to more than 2900 respondents who were familiar with the privacy processes at their organizations.

Participants were asked about their readiness for GDPR, any delays in the sales cycle due to customer data privacy concerns, losses from data breaches, and their current practices related to maximizing the value of their data.

Please take the time to review this important Privacy Study from Cisco.