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#Spearphishing Attacks are headed your way even though they appear to be messages from your boss!

Infoworld recently highlighted spearphishing which is “a targeted approach to phishing that is proving nefariously effective, even against the most seasoned security pros.”  The November 9, 2015 report was entitled “10 reasons why phishing attacks are nastier than ever” including the fact that spearphising is sent by some you know which is very different that … Continue reading this entry

Phishing is in the Top Ten Cyberthreats

Neustar Engineering reported that there are millions of phishing emails every day since most “email servers don’t actually block email that may be spoofed and may even fail authentication at some level.” The August 20, 2015 blog entitled “Ten Cyberthreats Outside the Firewall” included the following comments about phishing and about the importance of training … Continue reading this entry

WEBCAST: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Cybercrime

I will moderate this important live TexasBarCLE webcast on November 17, 2015 with Thomas Petrowski (Chief Division Counsel from the Dallas Office of the FBI) and Nick Akerman (former US Attorney and partner at Dorsey & Witney in New York who has the Computer Fraud/Data Protection blog).  Please register for the State of Texas webcast for … Continue reading this entry

Cyber Risk Lessons Learned about Information Security

After more than 50 data security settlement agreements with various companies, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) issued its Guide that recommending that companies “consider security from the start assess their options and make reasonable choices based on the nature of their business and the sensitivity of the information involved.”  The “Start with Security: A Guide … Continue reading this entry

MaaS (Malware-as-a-Service) – the Cybercrime Cloud Service NO ONE Wants to Think about

According to the 2015 Threat Report  about MaaS is that the “ average price for exploit kits is usually between $800- $1,500 a month, depending on the features and add-ons” and the “price is likely to remain low due to increased competition.”  The Websense Report was issued in April 2015 and included these trends in … Continue reading this entry