RIM was renamed to Blackberry when announcing Blackberry 10, but the big question is whether the new Blackberry 10 can make it. The New York Times offer these comments:

The BlackBerry music, movie and app stores are just getting under way.
If you choose BlackBerry over iPhone or Android, you give up some very attractive ecosystems, like the way Apple synchronizes your calendar, messages, and photos on all your gadgets. Or, for Android, the similar conveniences of Google Voice and Google Maps.

Since there are a kazillion apps for the Apple and Droid devices, the Blackberry 10 does not key apps. The New York Times also noted that following apps do not exist at this time:

  • Netflix,
  • Draw Something,
  • Pinterest,
  • Hipstamatic,
  • Instagram, and
  • most airline and bank apps

Of course before the iPhone and Droid devices existed RIM’s  Blackberry was king but consumers bought their own devices (BYOD) and changed the world, but it may too late for Blackberry. Time will tell.


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