There have news reports aplenty about Instragram’s about face regarding sharing users’ data that led Instragram to revert back to its 2010 Terms of Service (TOS). However a blog on the New York Times indicates that maybe all is not over with Instragram because: 

It was unclear whether reverting its terms of service would be enough to satisfy high-profile users like National Geographic, which stopped using its Instagram account in light of the moves, or other users who have aired their grievances on Twitter and Facebook.

A’s Op-Ed had an interesting list of 5 lessons that Instragram, and other Social Media sites should learn:

  1. Turns Out, There Is Some Scrutiny of Your TOS
  2. Don’t Take Your Users Where They’re Not Ready to Go
  3. Don’t Be Arrogant
  4. When You’re Wrong, Make a Real Apology
  5. Keep Your Power Users Sweet

Interesting developments since my experience is that about only 1% of users ever read TOS. Here Instragram’s attempted change to its TOS created a Social Media frenzy which rarely happens. Stay tuned since this appears far from over.

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