With little fanfare and soon after the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft announced the departure of 23 year veteran Steven Sinofsky which is leading to speculation that Windows 8 may not be as successful as Microsoft hoped. Also the New York Times reported that in recent SEC filings Microsoft blamed Sinofsky for failing to comply with the 2009 settlement agreement with the EU to provide 12 browser options in Windows 7 called the Browser Choice Screen software. According the Microsoft’s 10-Q filed on October 18, 2012:

…that if a company is found to have breached a legally binding commitment, the company may be fined up to 10% of its worldwide annual revenue.

Microsoft reported to the SEC in its 10K report annual revenue of $ 73 billion, so an EU fine of $7.3 billion would be unbelievable. Microsoft’s future seems not so bright between the slow start for Windows 8 and alleged failure to comply with the EU settlement agreement.

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