In 2009 Microsoft agreed to offer EU customers a browser choice of 12 options until 2014, but apparently Windows 7 released in February 2011 did not contain that option. As result Joaquin Almunia (Vice President of the European Commission responsible for Competition Policy) announced on July 17, 2012 that and investigation is underway because: 

Although Microsoft submitted in a report to the Commission in December last year (2011) that the choice screen was still present, we have received indications from third parties that Microsoft has not complied with its commitments in the period from February 2011 until today.

Under the terms of the 2009 settlement agreement between the EU and Microsoft when Microsoft Windows customers bought a new version they would have browser options including Google (Chrome), Apple (Safari), Mozilla (Firefox), Opera, and Internet Explorer.

It will be interesting to see how the EU deals with this settlement breach, and what penalties that may be assessed against Microsoft.

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