Few General Counsel and attorneys understand the important contracts terms to negotiate in order to avoid disasters when developing new software systems or implementing ERP systems. On July 18, 2012 from 12:30-1:30pm CDT my friend John DeGroote (Former Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer at BearingPoint, Inc.) and I will present a webcast for TexasBarCLE entitled “Helping General Counsel Avoid Disasters when Negotiating Software Development & Implementation Projects.” The cost of webcast is $85 which I think is a bargain price.

Here’s the description of the July 18th webcast at TexasBarCLE:

All businesses rely on computer systems to manage their accounting and business functions. Periodically businesses decide to get new computer systems and ask their general counsel and lawyers to assist in reviewing and negotiating these computer system contracts. Also today many businesses decide to install ERP (Enterprise Resource Programs) systems from Oracle, SAP, and other large software companies. The implementation of ERP systems is always long, complicated, and expensive. This webcast will help general counsel and lawyers learn the important contractual terms to negotiate, what things can go wrong, and thereby hopefully avoid disasters. Also the webcast will identify issues in litigation regarding failed software development and ERP implementations, which will also help general counsel and lawyers negotiate better contracts to avoid litigation.

John and I welcome your feedback from the webcast.

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