My video interview about business risks concerning Internet Privacy Policies is very timely since Google just announced a radical change in its Privacy Policies. You are welcome to view the video interview “Privacy Policies: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You” thanks to my friends at Financial Management Network (& parent SmartPros Ltd.).

Of course Privacy Policies is a common topic for me as my October 2011 monthly Technology Law column at eCommerce Times was entitled “Shore Up Your Privacy Policy Before Disaster Strikes” and included discussion about:

  • What Type of Information Do Privacy Policies Protect? – Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Website Privacy Regulation – US (FTC), EU, Canada, and Japan
  • What Should Your Privacy Policy Contain? – consider your visitors’ expectations
  • Aggregate Data – DoubleClick
  • Consider Subscribing to Privacy Standards – TRUSTe, Better Business Bureau, Online Privacy Alliance, and CPA WebTrust Program.

Stay tuned for more blogs on Internet Privacy since it is core to business and consumer utilization of the Internet.