My 30+ minute video about the 10 Commandments of IT Contracts is available for viewing thanks to my friends at Financial Management Network (& parent SmartPros Ltd.). For more than 30 years I’ve negotiated and litigated hundreds of IT contracts, and as a result of my experiences I continually update my 10 Commandments. In this video with I revised the 9th Commandment – “Internet and Cloud Computing Are Different”….here are all 10 Commandments.

1st Commandment – No IT Project is ever completed on time
2nd Commandment – No IT Project is ever complete
3rd Commandment – If you cannot see the software, it does not exist
4th Commandment – New versions of operating systems never work
5th Commandment – There are no Industry Standards
6th Commandment – Do not buy brand new hardware
7th Commandment – Do not buy brand new software
8th Commandment – Sales people have answers to every question
9th Commandment – Internet and Cloud Computing are different
10th Commandment – Individuals who negotiate contracts are never around later

After I blogged my 10 Commandment some IT friends offered Commandments #11 and #12 as follows:

11th Commandment – Any IT Project with its own name is doomed to fail!
12th Commandment – Pick a Scapegoat before the IT Project who will never be invited to meetings!

Any suggestions for more IT Contract Commandments?

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