A new report shows that customers are not that happy with Facebook and MySpace also showed that social media was ranked lower than property & casualty insurance. Also not a surprise that airlines were lower in customer satisfaction than social media. The 2010 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) was produced in partnership with ForeSee Results is described in the Annual E-Business Report. ACSI scores for Wikipedia topped the Social Media score with a 77, followed by YouTube (Google) 73, Facebook 64, and MySpace 63. IRS scored a 65. Not a surprise that the primary reasons for low rankings for Facebook were: “privacy and security concerns, the technology that controls the news feeds, advertising, the constant and unpredictable interface changes, spam, navigation troubles, annoying applications with constant notifications, and functionality, to name a few.” Interesting customer results at a time with Facebook announced that it had 500 million users and Mark Zuckerberg is sued over an ownership claim!

Facebook a Utility?

In a recent interview on National Public Radio (NPR) Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg described his company as a utility for its subscribers “….When I say utility, I mean we are trying to provide people with utility,…Our goal was never to build something cool. It was to build something useful." As part of this interview it was pointed out that Facebook has the largest private database of personal information in the world. When pressed about why Facebook wouldn’t disclose the contents of the database, Zuckberg responded that people would no longer trust Facebook if the database was disclosed. So if Facebook is a utility used by 500 million people, why is it not regulated?

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