As a big fan of Microsoft it seems to me that the PC user community has benefited over the years by the standardization of computers, it seems very strange that the first TV commercial with Jerry Seinfeld was just like his TV series….about nothing. When Microsoft first let it be known that Seinfeld would help promote the Vista operating system, it was hard to image. Now that that the first commercial has aired things can only get more confusing.

Microsoft Vista

One would have to live on Mars to have missed the fact that Vista has not been the box office success that Microsoft envisioned, and since most corporate users have stayed with XP as their operating system at the current time it does not seem likely that we will see much wide-spread growth for Vista anytime soon. From all reports Vista requires more hardware resources that XP, and unfortunately much of the XP software does not run on Vista. However there are many reports that indicate that more applications will run with Vista.

Marketing Software

It does not seem like that long ago that Apple announced the Lisa (the first GUI computer system) during a multi-million dollar commercial during the 1980 Super Bowl, and with the proliferation of the Internet most computer users are pretty numb to advertising for software systems. So it seems even more intriguing that Microsoft would hire Seinfeld to promote Vista. Even more intriguing since the first commercial was so obtuse and failed to mention Vista in the least. I for one will stay tuned with great interest to see Seinfeld and Bill Gates do goofy things in commercials…which I assume is expensive.

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