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13 critical questions about Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ask your cloud provider

Posted in IT Industry
All cloud customers should ask their cloud providers critical questions about the SLAs which describe the performance standards they think they are signing up for.  However customers may want to reconsider which cloud provider they should use if the cloud provider doesn’t give good answers to these SLA questions offered by Jamie Tischart (Intel’s CTO… Continue Reading

IT administrator with ‘keys to the kingdom’ indicted for hacking former employer

Posted in Cyber, eCommerce, Internet Privacy, IT Industry
With a possible sentence of 20 years in prison for hacking for a trial set for June 28, 2016 the US Attorney commented about the indictment that “IT administrators often hold the ‘keys to the kingdom’ for companies, … Disgruntled IT administrators can therefore pose a grave threat to businesses, which must take measures to protect themselves when… Continue Reading

Cybersecurity Alert: monetization of malware is one of the 7 biggest threats!

Posted in Cyber, eCommerce, IT Industry
There’s no substitute for training employees to avoid opening obviously suspect email and attachments, and HP Enterprise (HPE) issued a report which disclosed “a continued rise in attackers’ success at infiltrating enterprise networks” and as a result “defenders must accelerate their approach to detection, protection, response, and recovery.”  The HPE report entitled “Security Research Cyber… Continue Reading

More advice on how to avoid Ransomware – verify & test disaster recovery backup!

Posted in Cyber, eCommerce, IT Industry
It’s one thing to backup data, and another to verify the backup was a success, but you also should test restoring backup data so you can “fix the issues before data gremlins such as hard drive failures, natural disasters, or ransomware delete your” data and intellectual property according to the article “How to review and… Continue Reading

Read your Cyberinsurance policies closely since they may not cover your loses!

Posted in Cyber, IT Industry
Everyone needs to review their cyberinsurance polices following the December 2015  “multi-billion dollar loss after hackers cut electric power to more than 80,000 Ukrainians last month,” Reuters reported that many publicly-traded utility companies “have warned of their exposure to cyber risks in their most recent annual reports to securities regulators, and that their insurance coverage… Continue Reading

eDiscovery Advice to IT – be on high alert to protect electronic evidence under “Legal Hold”!

Posted in E-Discovery, IT Industry
The concept of “Legal Hold” is not new in the least and long before anyone ever thought about electronic evidence (Electronically Stored Information- ESI) once a party became aware of potential litigation it had a duty to protect all relevant evidence, like paper documents.  So it comes as no surprise that an in recent IT… Continue Reading

Phishing is in the Top Ten Cyberthreats

Posted in Cyber, eCommerce, IT Industry
Neustar Engineering reported that there are millions of phishing emails every day since most “email servers don’t actually block email that may be spoofed and may even fail authentication at some level.” The August 20, 2015 blog entitled “Ten Cyberthreats Outside the Firewall” included the following comments about phishing and about the importance of training… Continue Reading

Cyber Risk Lessons Learned about Information Security

Posted in Cyber, IT Industry
After more than 50 data security settlement agreements with various companies, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) issued its Guide that recommending that companies “consider security from the start assess their options and make reasonable choices based on the nature of their business and the sensitivity of the information involved.”  The “Start with Security: A Guide… Continue Reading

Cyber Intrusion Responsibility Shared by General Counsel & IT

Posted in Cyber, eCommerce, IT Industry
It is imperative that General Counsel learn IT technology and lingo- and that IT legal jargon given a recent survey identified that in almost 450 companies 31% rely on IT and 21% rely on General Counsel to be primarily responsible for assuring legal compliance when cyber intrusion occurs. Zurich sponsored Advisen’s recent white paper entitled… Continue Reading

Alert to All Lawyers – Inevitable Data and IT Disasters May Destroy Client Files!

Posted in IT Industry
A recent report warned that lawyers have an “ethical and regulatory responsibility to protect your client’s confidential information, it is imperative that you have a plan in place to protect your data from loss, corruption or theft.”  Abacus Data Systems issued its report entitled “10 Critical Disaster Planning Essentials for Your Law Firm” which included… Continue Reading

Court Rules No Cyberinsurance Coverage

Posted in Cyber, IT Industry
Although not related to any cyberintrusion, a recent ruling related to cyber coverage involved a claim filed was that the defendants “knowingly withheld this information and refused to turn it over” but the “policy covers errors, omissions, and negligent acts.”  On May 11, 2015 US District Judge Ted Stewart (Utah) denied a motion for partial… Continue Reading

Are HIPAA Laws Effective? Must Not be Since Healthcare Cyberattacks Have Increased by 125% in the Past 5 Years!

Posted in Cyber, eCommerce, IT Industry
I have always thought HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996)  was a huge waste of time, money, and resources which was confirmed by a May 2015 Survey which estimates “that data breaches could be costing the industry $6 billion” and more “than 90 percent of healthcare organizations represented in this study had a… Continue Reading

Cyber IT Risk Wake Up Time for Board Members!

Posted in eCommerce, IT Industry
A former SEC Chair spoke at a Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance conference and said board members “should be knowledgeable about data inventories, where data is located and if it is protected, and use third-party services to test its safety” as reported by  Mary L. Schapiro (SEC chairman from 2009-2012) currently serves on the… Continue Reading

Companies Slow to Get CyberInsurance Coverage Even as CyberAttacks Increase

Posted in eCommerce, IT Industry
A recent report showed a slight increase from 10% to 26% of companies with cyber insurance coverage between 2013 and 2014, and stated that most US companies are deficient in “keeping the data breach response plan up-to-date, conducting risk assessments of areas vulnerable to a breach, continuous monitoring of information systems to detect unusual and… Continue Reading

More Bad Cybersecurity News – Top-Tier Malware Regin Used for Spying Since 2008

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Privacy, IT Industry
Symantec reported the discovery of new malware named Regin whose main purpose “is intelligence gathering and it has been implicated in data collection operations against government organizations, infrastructure operators, businesses, academics, and private individuals.”  On November 24, 2014 Symantec issued a report entitled “Regin: Top-tier espionage tool enables stealthy surveillance” which is a “back door-type… Continue Reading

Privacy at the Heart of Colossal Cybersecurity Mistakes

Posted in Internet Privacy, IT Industry
Infoworld reported that for Information Technolgoy (IT) “Privacy has become one of the leading computer security issues today…Today’s systems track every access, and every employee should know that accessing a single record they don’t have a legitimate need to view is likely to be noticed and acted on.”  The November 17, 2014 Infoworld article entitled… Continue Reading

9 Common Reasons Cloud Systems Crash: Things to Remember When Negotiating Cloud Contracts

Posted in eCommerce, IT Industry
My 2011 eCommerce Times column “Cloud Computing – New Buzzword, Old Legal Issues” reminded many folks that “the technology concept behind cloud computing has been around for more than 50 years, and the legal issues are equally old.”  Obviously the reasons Cloud systems crash are equally old news, so it would be wise to negotiate… Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Read “Big Data Analytics for Dummies”

Posted in eCommerce, IT Industry
Wikipedia describes “Big Data” as a broad term “for any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand data management tools or traditional data processing applications.”  Forbes identified these “5 Things Managers Should Know About The Big Data Economy” which are great reasons to read IBM’s Dummies… Continue Reading