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IT administrator with ‘keys to the kingdom’ indicted for hacking former employer

Posted in Cyber, eCommerce, Internet Privacy, IT Industry
With a possible sentence of 20 years in prison for hacking for a trial set for June 28, 2016 the US Attorney commented about the indictment that “IT administrators often hold the ‘keys to the kingdom’ for companies, … Disgruntled IT administrators can therefore pose a grave threat to businesses, which must take measures to protect themselves when… Continue Reading

Apple & Google are among 8 mobile device companies the FTC ordered to disclose security update practices

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Privacy
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) “is seeking to compile data concerning policies, procedures, and practices for providing security updates to mobile devices offered by unnamed persons, partnerships, corporations, or others in the United States.”  The May 6, 2016 FTC Order requested that “Apple, Inc.; Blackberry Corp.; Google, Inc.; HTC America, Inc.; LG Electronics USA, Inc.;… Continue Reading

Email Privacy Act passes the House, but the proposed Act does not require notice of warrants

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Privacy
The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986 was created to deal with telephone records not email, so the new proposed Email Privacy Act clarifies what email is, but did not change the ECPA much since it “does not require authorities to notify users that a warrant has been obtained to review their electronic communications.” Also… Continue Reading

Are US Privacy Laws Unconstitutional? We’ll find out in Microsoft’s new suit against the US Government!

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Privacy
The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) 18 U.S.C. § 2705(b) violates the First and Fourth Amendments since the Constitution should “afford people and businesses the right to know if the government searches or seizes their property.” The April 14, 2016 Complaint for Declaratory Judgment filed in Seattle federal court against the US Department of Justice and… Continue Reading

Wow FTC Commissioner confesses she fell for email scam & announces her resignation!

Posted in Cyber, eCommerce, Internet Privacy
After Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Commissioner Julie Brill got a friend’s “email with an innocuous-looking Google Drive attachment. But after clicking on the link and entering in some of her personal information on the resulting page, she soon realized the truth: This was not a Google site at all.” The March 22, 2016 Washington Post… Continue Reading

Amazingly enough Hulk Hogan’s verdict may improve Internet privacy!

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Privacy
The Washington Post opined that the “$115 million legal body slam Friday against Gawker Media could have deeper implications for the debate between the public’s right to know (and the media’s right to report) and an individual’s right to privacy.” The March 21, 2016 article entitled “Hulk Hogan’s $140.1 million KO in courtroom could have… Continue Reading

PCI may be in jeopardy with federal investigation underway!

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Privacy
Since there are no laws regulating credit card security the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ordered Special Reports from 9 companies to disclose their “data security compliance auditing and its role in protecting consumers’ information and privacy” under the PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance assessment for DSS (Data Security Standards) and Forensic Audits.  On March 7,… Continue Reading

Can the FCC’s proposed new ISP rules succeed in protecting privacy?

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Privacy
FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Chair Tom Wheeler proposed that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) “would be able to use and share customer information with their affiliates to market other communications-related services unless you “opt out” and ask them not to. All other uses and sharing of your personal data would require your affirmative “opt-in” consent.”  Wheeler’s… Continue Reading

Super settlement for “Supercookie” privacy law violation which tracked +100 million cell users!

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Privacy
Verizon confessed its violation of privacy laws and agreed to “pay a fine of $1,350,000 and implement a compliance plan that requires it to obtain customer opt-in consent prior to sharing a customer’s UIDH [Unique Identifier Headers] with a third party to deliver targeted advertising.”  On March 7, 2016 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and… Continue Reading

Uh oh! Facebook accused of breaching EU Privacy laws!

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Privacy
Reuters reported that the “French data protection authority on Monday gave Facebook three months to stop tracking non-users’ web activity without their consent and ordered the social network to stop some transfers of personal data to the United States.” The February 8, 2016 report entitled “French data privacy regulator cracks down on Facebook” is related… Continue Reading

Identity stolen? Then check out the FTC’s website!

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Privacy
FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez praised the new website because millions “of Americans have been victims of identity theft, and until now, there has not been a single site where they can quickly file an official complaint and then get real, personalized help.” The January 28, 2016 FTC announcement included these comments: For the first time,… Continue Reading

7 cyber risks using WiFi including risks of using free hotspots!

Posted in Cyber, eCommerce, Internet Access, Internet Privacy
Every one is dependent on WiFi -unfortunately most people think it is safe, however Networkworld identified 7 “ways you could be giving away your identity through a Wi-Fi connection and what to do instead.”  The November 13, 2015 report entitled “7 ways hackers can use Wi-Fi against you” including these points about “Using free hotspots”:… Continue Reading

Is Google violating privacy laws in its use of K-12 student data?

Posted in Internet Privacy
A recent letter sent to Google from a US Senator expressed concern about the “extent to which Google may be collecting K-12 students’ personal data and using that information for non-educational purposes without parents’ knowledge or consent.”  On January 13, 2016 Senator Al Franken sent a letter to Sundar Pichai (Google CEO) about Google’s foray… Continue Reading

Cyberattacks on the Increase in 2015 with 102+ Million People Exposed in 315 Data Breaches!

Posted in Cyber, eCommerce, Internet Privacy
The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) “defines a data breach as an incident in which an individual name plus a Social Security number, driver’s license number, medical record or financial record (credit/debit cards included) is potentially put at risk because of exposure.”  The ITRC December 31, 2015 Data Breach Reports were significantly higher than 2014… Continue Reading

LifeLock Confesses that it Violated Consumers’ Privacy and Will Pay a $100 Million Fine

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Privacy
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported its settlement with LifeLock regarding its lack of compliance with a 2010 Order that “LifeLock failed to establish and maintain a comprehensive information security program to protect users’ sensitive personal information including their social security, credit card and bank account numbers.”  The December 17, 2015 press release from the… Continue Reading

China Confesses to Hack of 21.5 Million US Workers’ Data

Posted in Cyber, Internet Privacy
The NY Times reported that China claims that Chinese criminals stole the data from the US Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) computer systems not the Chinese government.  However the article seemed highly skeptical that the hack was from criminals and said  the confession “raised more questions than it answered”: The theft, which was extraordinarily sophisticated… Continue Reading

Privacy & Free Speech at Risk with Terms of Service (ToS) Enforcement on Social Media Content

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Privacy
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Visualizing Impact launched which “gives social media users a place to report takedown notices and catalog content that has been removed.”  EFF Director for International Freedom of Expression and co-founder of Jillian C. York said: We want to know how social media companies enforce their terms of… Continue Reading

More Impact from Snowden as Court Rules that NSA Bulk Phone Record Collection Violates the Constitution

Posted in Internet Privacy
Only weeks before the US Patriot Act will be replaced with the USA Freedom Act a federal judge ruled that National Security Agency (NSA) Bulk Telephone Metadata Program which was revealed by Edward Snowden in 2013 that systematically collects Americans’ domestic phone records in bulk “likely violates the Constitution.” After waiting 2 years on the… Continue Reading

GUEST BLOG: Snowden’s Disclosures Upend EU-US Privacy Safe Harbor Laws

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Privacy
My Guest Blogger Eric Levy is a senior attorney in Gardere’s Trial Practice Group who specializes in complex litigation with a focus on technology and Internet eCommerce related issues.   The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on October 6, 2015 in the case of Schrems vs. Data Protection Commissioner that the access enjoyed by… Continue Reading

EU Demands that Google’s ‘right to be forgotten’ to be Worldwide Searches, Not just in the EU

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Privacy
Google is fighting a June 2015 order from the French CNIL (Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés) that ordered Google to “delist links not just from all European versions of Search but also from all versions globally.”  Google’s Global Privacy Counsel Peter Fleischer blogged on July 30, 2015 about the background of the EU… Continue Reading