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FBI ALERT: Cyberattacks Directed at IoT (Internet of Things!) and Strong Passwords Can Help!

Posted in Cyber, Internet Access
The FBI “is warning companies and the general public to be aware of IoT vulnerabilities cybercriminals could exploit” and encourages the use of strong passwords according to a FBI September 10, 2015 Public Service Announcement (PSA) entitled “Internet of Things Poses Opportunities for Cyber Crime.” The PSA Included this example: Cyber criminals can take advantage… Continue Reading

EU Data ONLY in the EU? – A Boost to Data Localization Efforts

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Access
German Chancellor Angela Merkel “has embraced proposals to create European data networks that would keep emails and other communications on the European side of the Atlantic, farther from prying American eyes” as reported in the New York Times.  Chancellor Merkel also stated that ‘that companies like Google and Facebook base their European data operations in… Continue Reading

Digital Britain by 2012?

Posted in eCommerce, Internet Access
The UK’s plan to bring broadband Internet service to every home by 2012 is a very bold plan since based on recent reports only about 68% of the UK population are currently Internet users. In the meantime about 72% of the population of the US are Internet users. However these are not exactly apples to… Continue Reading